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An open letter to the UK GOV

posted 19 Sept 2015, 13:59 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 19 Sept 2015, 14:01]
12th September, 2015

Hong Kong Independence Party

4th Floor

86-90 Paul Street

London EC2A 4NE


An open letter to our Government

As many refugees are coming to Europe, we are going to explain what is the future if UK accept those 

refugees, using Hong Kong for comparison.

First, UK may accept 20,000 refugees in five years. This will give an signature to those refugees, whom deciding where to go, UK is a good choice to be the terminal to settle. It is probably that more than 20,000 refugees will come here, hope before 20,00 quota, within 1 year.

Comparing to Hong Kong, 150 refugees from China everyday accepted by HKSAR, which is colonise government setup and control by China government, cannot reject their entrance. Now accumulated about 760K Chinese colonist invaded Hong Kong.

We are pleased that U.K seems stop huge amount of refugees, by immigration stage. But please 

remember, about 3 million of British National, are suffered by colonists, in the name of Immigrants or refugees. 

HKSAR treat British Nationals in Hong Kong, or named as Hong-Kongers, as American Indian, 

Chinese are eliminating Hong-Kongers’ culture, language, even though their living place. Chinese can enjoy all warfare that Hong-Kongers should have, in prior of Hong-Kongers.

Hong Kong had been handed-over to China without consider Hong-Kongers’  will. In other words, Hong-Kongers are treated as slave hand-over from U.K to China. And now, after umbrella revolution, HKSAR treat Hong-Kongers as refugees while Chinese is citizen. Nowadays, China, Russia and ISIS are, as same as Nazi Germany did to Jewish. China tries to kill Hong-Kongers at the start of umbrella revolution, and killed Tibet people and East 
Turkestan people.Russia killed Ukrainians and invaded East Ukraine and Crimean.

ISIS, seems they want to kill all other human whom differ from them.

Now, it is decade of chaos, we never meet this kind of chaos after World War II. It is time to re-
organise our country, our people (include all British), to pass through this challenge. As the God will not give us challenge which we cannot pass through, this time, we will pass through it same as before. God bless us.

Hong Kong Independence Party

A registered UK political party