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Hong Kong Remembrance Day

posted 27 Aug 2015, 15:03 by Hong Kong Independence Party
Hong Kong Remembrance Day, is an important milestone of Hong Kong. It is to remember the reinstatement of freedom resulted from England’s reclaim of Hong Kong’s governance after the Second World War in 30 August 1945. But what is the process of forming a Hong Kong Remembrance Day? Let’s talk about it.
In 1937, a war started between China and Japan. A lot of cities in China, such as Nanking, Shanghai, and Canton, were attacked by Japan. Hong Kong, however, didn't get any attacks. At that time Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom (UK), so Hong Kong was not included in the belligerents. Until 1941, the Pacific War started. Pearl Harbor was attacked, Japan declared a war to UK, USA and other Western countries.
At the same time, army of Japan started to attack Hong Kong. Battle of Hong Kong Protection started. In the beginning, the British Forces in Hong Kong fought against the army of Japan, then about 2000 Canada soldiers to reinforce. Later, 500 students from Hong Kong University and Hongkongers from different ethnic groups, included European descent, Indian descent and Chinese descent, established Hong Kong Garrison. In the war, most of the gloriously sacrificed soldiers were from UK and Canada, not Chinese Communist Party. Although the Hong Kong army was defeated finally, it was, after all, a battle leaded by Hongkongers.
In 1945, Japan surrendered. UK assigned Harcourt to lead the navy and go to Hong Kong. In 30 August 1945, England received the formal letter of surrender from Japan, England ruled Hong Kong again, and set the 30th August to be Hong Kong Remembrance Day, starting from 1946. However, since 1 July 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred to Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong Remembrance Day was cancelled, youngers don't know what and how important it is.
Now, Hong Kong does not only lose our Hong Kong Remembrance Day, but also forced by Chinese Communist Party to celebrate Victory Over Japan Day in the 3rd September. Actually, Victory Over Japan Day is unrelated to Chinese Communist Party, let alone Hong Kong. It is because the People's Liberation Army was not formed at that time. The army was mostly consisted of Nationalist Revolutionary Army, only some were Communist Red Army. So the success of fight is not belong to Chinese Communist Party.
On the other hand, the beginning and ending time between China’s anti-Japan war and battle of Hong Kong Protection were different. China’s anti-Japan was obviously started from war between China and Japan, while the battle of Hong Kong Protection was started from the Pacific War between Japan and Western countries. Moreover, the belligerents of the two wars were different. The object of Japan to attack in China’s anti-Japan war was China, while the object of Japan to attack in Pacific War was UK. Therefore, the history of Japanese colonial period in Hong Kong shouldn’t be put into Chinese history, and we shouldn't follow China to praise for Hong Kong Independent Battalion of the Dongjiang Column.
We should remember the sacrificed Hong Kong Garrison soldiers and say thanks to them. Hong Kong Pro-Beijing government’s cancellation of Hong Kong Remembrance Day and establishment of Victory Over Japan Day as public holiday show that, in order to clear the colonial awareness of Hongkongers, Hong Kong Pro-Beijing government will distort the reality of history in Hong Kong.