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Open letter to the UK GOV about the BN(O) issue

posted 22 Jul 2020, 12:11 by Hong Kong Independence Party
Dear Mr Johnson, Ms Patel, Mr Raab, and all,

Suggestions on the 5+1 Route to Citizenship for BNOs

We recognize the need to relocate our fellow countrymen to avoid genocide as a short-term measure, and write to propose the following arrangement for the 5+1 route to citizenship:

- Protect UK’s sovereignty from manipulation by Chinese Spies
- Buy time for UK to make a “right” turn
- Save Hong Kong people

1. Applicants of the Visa must feel significantly endangered in China and Chinese Hong Kong. Any travels to Chinese territories during the course of 5+1 years will result in voluntarily giving up their Visa. Re-entering the UK will only be visit purpose, unless they re-apply for a new Visa.

2. Upon becoming British Citizens, the applicants are allowed to enter China and Hong Kong (same arrangement as all other British Citizens). This is one of the core differences between the 5+1 route and Political Asylum.

3. Similar to previously proposed by the UK Government, no governmental financial assistance will be received by the 5+1 applicants. The granting of Visa is also subject to UK’s standard background check. The arrangement will be extended to family members of BNO holders who are born after 1997.

Problem with 5+1 proposal
- It does not rebuild a safe business environment for your businesses
- It is not what Hong Kong protestors want in the first place
- The world knows that this proposal is for UK to avoid treaty responsibility
- This initiative suggests UK will not pursue countries that breach treaties

As part of the protest in Hong Kong and the ONLY group petitioning through camping at the British Embassy in Hong Kong, we, the Hong Kong Independence Party, have made it clear that we are not beggars of UK citizenship, and demand the termination of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Benefit Termination of JD
- Perform UK’s treaty responsibility and pursue China for compensation through sovereignty
- Upheld international security by attacking Chinazi’s core economic source
- Rebuild safe business environment between the West and East

Similar to Huawei, be that a S turn, a V turn or no turn. Do the right thing, and the right thing from the beginning is the termination of the treaty according to Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties."