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The reality of the education system in Hong Kong.

posted 20 Jun 2015, 15:27 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 20 Jun 2015, 15:32]
The result of the Primary One Admission has been announced recently. Many Hong Kong mothers who are from the North District such as Sheung Shui, the closest district near the Control Point, cried for the results that their kids cannot study in the original neighborhood. On the other hand, many Mainland mothers are satisfied with the results which their kids can study in the school near the Control Point. Is it fair to the local kids? It is not, without a shadow of a doubt.

Cross-boundary students means those who are born and study in Hong Kong but live in mainland China and both of their parents are not Hongkonger usually. There are 2700 cross-boundary students registered for the Primary One Admission, neglected those registered with a Hong Kong address. Most of them want to study in the North district as it is closer to the Control Point. However, the quota of the primary one are limited and they are originally for those living there. There are no excess quota for the cross-boundary students. They are now occupying the quota, where should the local students study? It is unreasonable to ask the Hong Kong students to study in other district. Hong Kong government should put Hong Kong children in the first priority that to ensure the local school study in the original district first. The cross-boundary students should be put in the second priority that they can only complete the among the remaining quota.