Chinese Virus report.中国肺炎病毒來源報告

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2nd open letter to the UK GOV about the BN(O) visa

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(1) Feasibility
When the current HK team started their work in 2019 to advocate the termination of the Joint Declaration and Hong Kong independence, we only had one thing in mind: save lives. Save Hong Kong children’s lives, save Xinjiang Uyghers’ lives, save everyone’s lives.

In 1989, the western countries encouraged Chinese protesters to give up and leave.
Those who left in time was saved, but even more was captured, tortured and killed by the Chinese government. After that day, there is no more Chinese people but only CCP people in the world.

When Uyghers and Kazakhs got persecuted in Xinjiang, you offer asylum and encouraged them to give up and leave. Those who left in time was saved, but over 1.5 million was tortured in concentration camps, and even more raped and killed by Chinese.

Today, when Hong Kong people want to be freed from China and cease all control from China, you encourage us to give up and leave. What will happen to those who could not leave in time? And who would be next down the path of genocide? Is leaving really the feasible solution?

Our proposal on the termination of the Joint Declaration is not unfeasible at all. If you look closer to our proposal and the case studies we presented, our proposal is the most rational and effective long term solution. It’s just an enormous step that requires global cooperation and strategic planning, which must be started ASAP.

(2) Flexibility
Staying flexible has always been one of our top priorities. But there should be no flexibility when it comes to dealing with spies.

If, a Russian spy infiltrated your parliament and influenced UK Government’s decision making, and a group of local Russians risk their lives to warn you. Would you tell this group to stay flexible and support the spies proposal? Someone has to do the job to warn you, and your job, is to investigate and expel the spies. (Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Stand with Hong Kong)

Warning of UK’s Security
Before the announcement of the 5+1 scheme, or even a new Hong Kong like Gibraltar, we’d like to warn you again of the risks of this policy to your sovereignty. The Chinese spies in Hong Kong have already dominated Hong Kong’s social media and news outlets, similar to the situation in China. They shape public narratives to fit their hidden agenda, while the public usually blindly follows. One of their narratives is that once Hong Kong people receive BC rights, HKers must exercise our vote and make the UK Parliament “help Hong Kong”. In fact, during last year’s election, they launched mass campaigns on Hong Kong discussion forums and ask BC holders to vote for specific political figures, purely because they support offering of BC rights to Hong Kong. After 6-10 years, 9 millions people (including 2.9 millions BNO + unlimited dependents are all eligible) trusting the “Hong Kong” media blindly would have been flooded to UK. How would UK’s political environment be affected?

Your next step
There are different solutions to a problem, but trusting spies would never be the right one. Just as we previously mentioned, please do consider us as advisors in the international level and even in your policies in helping Hong Kong."

The Sino-British Joint Declaration - 35 Years of Nightmare

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Open Letter to the UK and US Government,
2019 marks the most disruptive period of turmoil for Hong Kongers since the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to
China. Since the enforcement of the Sino-British Joint Declaration 22 years ago, the colonial regime of China has
shown no interest to fulfill any of its promise, and continuously breached the treaty by violating our basic human rights
and freedom. We urge the British Government, as the co-signatory of the Joint Declaration, to terminate the Joint
Declaration and engage in a political dialogue with Hong Kong civilians; and the US Government to terminate the Hong
Kong Policy Act.
Both Britain and the United States are the world’s leaders in democracy, freedom and civil rights. We believe Britain, as
the co-signatory of the Joint Declaration, has the power, rights and duty to be accountable to Hong Kongers for China’s
material breach of the treaty.
In 2016, Boris Johnson, now UK Prime Minister, as then Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,
announced that China had already seriously breached the Joint Declaration. By letting the Joint Declaration remain
enforced, Britain is letting Hong Kongers and British National (Overseas) be sacrificed of totalitarianism. Therefore, we
request the British Government, based on the Commons Briefing papers “Hong Kong: The Joint Declaration” and
“Hong Kong in 2019”, and by citing the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, terminate the Joint Declaration
immediately and forbid China from further fulfilling the treaty right away; and the US to terminate the Hong Kong
Policy Act which reaffirms the Joint Declaration.
US President Donald Trump in his remarks to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September
2019 mentioned, “If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.” On the other hand, during the handover in
1997, then UK Prime Minister, Sir John Major promised: “Hong Kong will never have to walk alone”. Today, on the 35th
anniversary of the Joint Declaration, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab acknowledges that “UK takes these
commitments seriously”. While we Hong Kongers long for democracy, we realise that the Joint Declaration is the root
cause that prevents us from having sovereignty over our homeland Hong Kong. We strongly believe that political
dialogue between the British Government with Hong Kong civilians, with the support from the United States, is the
only solution for the humanitarian crisis now in Hong Kong.
Lastly, on the basis that the three treaties, namely the Treaty of Nanking, the Convention of Peking, and the The
Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory, are still in force as
stressed by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, we request the British Government to turn back time to 1982,
engage Hong Kongers in the negotiation, and begin a new round of political dialogue regarding the future of Hong
Liberate our Hong Kong
Rejoin the Commonwealth

Update from HKIP

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Dear friends, media, the US/UK Congress/Parliament and everyone would love to pay attention the current tragedy in Hong Kong,
As everyone knows, there’s an ongoing massacre in Hong Kong since June.
Especially, what happened on 11th, 12th of June have been coined by foreign media as tiananmen massacre 2.0.

Hong Kong people are suffering from police brutality,
An unlawful infiltration from the PRC army in our police force, and the excessive use of China imported tear gas which chemical components do not meet the international standard.
According to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in September 2019, under the summary report of “Hong Kong in 2019”, the involuntary removal of mr lee to China, was the first serious , tedious sign of the China has been breaching the Sino-British Joint Declaration.
Needless to say , the ongoing situation in Hong Kong, is a strong evidence that China has no intention of putting the money where the mouth is.
As a city which has been cultivated / educated /established by the British Government. It’s not our natural to follow China-lized democracy and what its so called “human right”. During the negotiation of the Sino British Joint Declaration in 1984.
Margaret Thatcher and Deng Xiao Ping didn’t let Hong Kongese to have a say on the table. Letting two people to determine the fate of the Hong Kong, is an unfair play to the people.
We had numbers of petitions which had passed the required numbers of signature on the parliament website , however the answer which we were given was “this would be a decision for the people of Hong Kong”.

To speak frankly, we are living under a civil system which has been broken by the PRC, Pro Beijing politicians and huge amount of China money. There are multiple times that the Minster of Foreign Affairs of China has stated that the Sino British Joint Declaration, is an expired historical document which has no any practical means and got no legal binding at all. The Lord Christopher Francis Patten has already emphasised that this is the indication that the China is willing to abolish the Joint Declaration at all means. Moreover, without having HK people on the negotiation table during the Joint Declaration was a violation of colonial law validity act 1865 and United Nation General assembly resolution 1514.
With the ongoing incident in Hong Kong , it is clearly that it’s an unlawful repudiation from China.
The following five agendas are the reasons why we are here camping outside the British Embassy:
(1) UK has the mandate from the people of Hong Kong to annul the Sino British Joint Declaration for taking on the PRC’s illegal occupation of Hong Kong.

(2) UK and United state government are requested by the people of Hong Kong for taking on PRC’s illegal and unlawful occupation of Hong Kong.

(3) We require the United Kingdom to before those three unterminated treaties over Hong Kong sovereignty

(4) We demand Anglo-American or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Joint Military base in Hong Kong on a permanent basis , the expense of which will be covered on Hong Kong behalf

(5) Hong Kong should and going to be an independent commonwealth nation.

We, Hong Kong people, are now facing a challenge that the global have never seen before. A tedious country has infiltrated countless of countries around the global , many countries have lost its sovereignty through China debt game and sucking up stocks of major conglomerate in different countries. It’s time for the world to show that China has to play by rule , and be ethical via its foreign affairs and to its people. It’s Time to DO IT RIGHT.

3 Million British Nationals and their descendants in Hong Kong now officially calling for SOS signal to the rest of the world

posted 4 Oct 2019, 06:42 by Hong Kong Independence Party

(1) 3 Million of British Nationals in Hong Kong now request Her Majesty’s government to declare the annulment of the Sino-British Joint Declaration (JD) and the United States of America to declare the annulment of US-HK Policy Act (HK Act), which is written in respect of the JD. 

(2) 3 Million British Nationals and their descendants in Hong Kong now state to Her Majesty’s government and the rest of the world: The People’s Republic of China has already severely breached their commitments in Joint Declaration, the lives of British Hong Kongers are now seriously threatened by the Chinese Communist colonial regime in Hong Kong, therefore we request her Majesty’s government and the government of the United States of America  immediately declare the annulment of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the US-HK Policy Act respectively.
(3) The UK and the US government Jointly Declare the PRC is unlawfully occupying Hong Kong
(4) After the JD being declared as null, the sovereignty of Hong Kong will be in vacant, the British government should immediately implement the three treaties in Hong Kong, including the Nanking Treaty, Peking Treaty and The Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory. The sovereignty over Hong Kong should be temporary practiced by the United Kingdom.
(5) In order to protect the British territory, the lives of 3M British Hong Kongers, and prevent the Liberation Army of China and the HKSAR Police force annihilating their subjects, The United Kingdom and the United States should their fleets to Hong Kong, according to the Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty.
(6) Under the protection and assistance of the UK and the US Naval Forces, Hong Kong should become an independent nation the 54th nation of the Commonwealth, so that the nationals of Hong Kong shall enjoy the real democracy and have their way to the free world from then on.
May the Government support and save us.


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Statement from the Hong Kong Independence Party: Protest against the fake Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act from the US and denounce Beijing claiming that “The three treaties are null” Post

posted 25 Sept 2019, 07:28 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 25 Sept 2019, 07:34]

In this month, the House of Commons published Six-monthly report on Hong Kong 2019. On page 7 section 2.4of the report, it has clearly expressed that both the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China aresignatory countries of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. If the treaty is being breached, the Joint Declarationcan be suspended, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

The report also pointed out that this is already not the first time that China has violated the Joint Declaration,examples include the abduction of five book sellers of the Causeway Bay Book Store. It is unusual that the UKParliament pointed out this issue at such a critical moment: implicating that the Declaration can be suspendedin anytime.

During the negotiations, the former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher re-emphasised the validity of thethree treaties, asserting the need for countries to respect treaties on universal terms: "There are three treatiesin existence; we stick by our treaties unless we decide on something else. At the moment, we stick by ourtreaties.” Such iteration by Thatcher was to imply that if China does not uphold the three treaties, it will notuphold any other international laws, which could be a serious matter.

Since the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties is signed in 1969, it has no retrospective power on anytreaties before its establishment, therefore the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 is definitely not an “unequal and null”treaty under China’s consideration. Moreover, it is not officially abolished by the British Government, so thethree treaties are still valid international treaties and law. In other words, if the Joint Declaration is suspended,the PRC will automatically lose its sovereignty over Hong Kong and become a territory of UK again.

The Hong Kong Independence party now states that: we will try any means to request Her Majesty’s government tosuspend the Joint-Declaration officially and implement the three treaties and resume its sovereignty over Hong

Kong. According to the United Kingdom – United States of America Agreement, it is legal for the UK and theUSA can send armies to Hong Kong. If then China does not immediately retreat its Liaison Office, People’sLiberation Army Hong Kong garrison or dismiss its unlawful “Special Administrative Region Government”, It willbe considered as an illegitimate occupation of Hong Kong, therefore the UK and US forces have the legitimateright and obligation to expulse, arrest and defeat those Chinese forces within Hong Kong territory.

HKIP always believes the determination of upholding the world’s democracy and freedom of the United Statesand President Donald J. Trump is a trustworthy person to us. What is more, we would like to thank theconstant concern on Hong Kong’s issue that has been shown by Senator Marco Rubio. However, the fake HongKong Human Rights and Democracy Act was drafted only due to description on Hong Kong issues by theChinese Communist spy, Joshua Wong. The Act has ignored and does not reflect the true desire of protestors inHong Kong, who are completely against Chinese Rule and the policy “one country, two systems”. It will lead toan adverse effect on the progress of abolishing the Joint Declaration if the bill is being passed.

The United States, as an influential role in international affairs, the fake Hong Kong Human Rights andDemocracy Act has been upholding and supporting the Joint Declaration and the HKSAR Basic Law, confirmingthe legitimacy of PRC ruling over Hong Kong seriously undermines the determination of abolishing the JointDeclaration by the members of the UK Parliament and it will bring less hard evidence showing to theinternational courts, for them to suspend the practice of sovereignty over Hong Kong by China.

Joshua Wong has been maliciously misleading the US officials that Hong Kong people have no will to form anindependent state, attempting to cover up the illegitimacy of the Joint Declaration and defending China’s legalright of ruling over Hong Kong. Other Pan-democrats including the well-known netizen Kay Lam and theprofessor Simon Shen from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, even intended to threaten people who triedto let the UK and US intervene Hong Kong issues by means of international laws and spreading false knowledgeto the public. It has been 22 years since the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, most of the Hong Kongcitizens have understood that the so-called “democratic-reunification” is no more than a political trick andpledge that the Communist Party will never commit. However, making up numerous fake hopes of “democraticone country two systems”, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge about international politics and lawsamong the HK public and spreading fake knowledge, in order to minimize any possibilities that the JointDeclaration might be terminated, has shown that China has been reluctant of losing Hong Kong.

For many years, the Chinese Communist Party has been hiring spies to hijack Hong Kong protests so that HongKong issues are isolated from international societies and Joshua Wong is just one of them. Back to the dayswhen he was one of the leaders of Umbrella Movement in Admiralty, who kept slandering those who madepetitions at the British Consulate were “unpeaceful, irrational and colluding with foreign powers”. They evenclaimed that the Joint Declaration is just barely a statement and not legally binding Britain and China. Today,those people keep changing their standpoints and even make use the part of the statements of our partywritten 5 years ago. The reasons they do so are because the concerns all over the world has been risen, plusthe Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has strongly expressed her resistance against one country two systems, sothat those spies tried so hard to transfer to international focus from the effectiveness of the Joint Declaration toDemocratizing Hong Kong under the structure of One Country two systems. It is another vicious attempt of“democratic-reunification”, which intends to let Hong Kong citizens losing a chance of determining their destinyand future by themselves once again.

In history, many communist countries undermined democracy by implementing some policies under the name ofdemocracy. Examples include Boris Yeltsin from the Soviet Union, was regarded as the “pioneer of democracy”, butthen he fully revealed his original identity: harming his own people by promoting KGB Vladimir Putin to become thepresident of Russia and the threat of world peace. The pan-democrats, leading by Joshua Wong, is

indeed an agent of the CCP, defame and incurring harms to those protestors who can really make a difference.The only way to deal with them is to ignore them and walk in our own way.

In 2016, HKIP applied for legal aid and requested the Supreme Court to announce that the Joint Declaration is nulland void. “Those things that you guys are doing now should have been by many other Hong Kong people. Hong Kongnowadays is completely different from then. You have been late for many years,” those Conservative Party Membersof Parliament who assisted HKIP said. However, many “social activists”, including Ray Wong and Edward Leungslandered that our party is agents of CCP and discouraged other Hong Kong people not to hand in evidence andexpress their wish about bringing an end of Chinese rule in foreign courts. Ray Wong, who initially advocated HongKong independence in Hong Kong, after being granted for his refugee status in Germany, suddenly gave up hisadvocation. Such act has made him so obvious that he might be a spy who serves the CCP.

China, a country which is undemocratic and does not uphold rule of law, pursuing autonomy under its rule willdefinitely lead to a dead-end, since such country will simply guarantee nothing but tyranny to you. Now, HongKong has no time left for its subjects. All Hong Kong citizens should fight for this “end game”: give up anyfantasies of having democracy under Communist rule, gain the sovereignty of our own territory, announce thefailure of the Joint Declaration and the Basic Law, disapprove CCP’s rule over Hong Kong completely and refuseto support any bills that upholds and strengthens Joint Declaration and SAR Basic Law

Reiteration of Hong Kong Independence Party FIVE AGENDAS:

(1) Annulment of British-Sino Joint Declaration and Hong Kong Act

(2) Exercise Treaty of Nanking, Convention of Peking and The Second Convention of Peking NOW 

(3) Anglo-American military base in HK

(4) ChiNazi GET OUT of Hong Kong


香港獨立黨聲明:抗議美國會即將審議的《香港偽民主人權法案》,及 譴責北京「三個條約無效論」的不實言論

posted 25 Sept 2019, 07:26 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 27 Sept 2019, 05:00]

英國下議院於本月十六日公開了《香港報告 2019》,《報告》第七頁 2.4 中明文表態,<維也納條約法公約>下,英中雙方都是《中英聯合聲明》的條約簽署國,在條約被侵害的情況下,《聲明》將可以被中止。



由於《維也納條約法公約》在 1969 年方簽訂,並不設有追溯效力,故此 1842 年簽署的《南京條約》絕不是中方所講「無效的不平等條約」,再加上條約未被英國廢除,故此三約依然是有效的國際條約及法律。換言之,《聯合聲明》被中止後,中華人民共和國將自動喪失香港主權,重新恢復成為英國領土。


香港獨立黨一直相信美國對捍衛世界民主和自由的決心,也相信美國總統川普乃我們可以取信之人,更加是感謝美國參議員 Marco Rubio 長期以來對香港議題的熱切關注。但由於《香港偽人權民主法案》僅僅基於共諜黃之鋒的口述而起草,完全不反映香港所有示威者及社運人士抗拒「一國兩制」的真實意願,《法案》一旦通過,將會對廢除《聯合聲明》產生不利的影響。




很多共諜打著民主的招牌,去害及民主。蘇聯的葉利欽被視為「民主先驅」,結果原貌畢露,殘害人民,更推動KGB 普京當上俄羅斯總統,成為世界和平的一個威脅。以黃之鋒為代表的香港泛民主派,正是中共的代理人,去詆毀及傷害能做出改變的示威者。而對付共諜的唯一方式,並非與之糾纏,而是真正不受影響,走出香港應該要走的路。

2016 年,香港獨立黨申請法援去要求英國法庭宣告聯合聲明失效。協助本黨的英國保守黨議員說:「你們正在做的事,十年前就應該很多香港人要去做。今日香港不如以往,你們今日才來,已經遲了很多」然而,最後大量社運人士,包括在德國流亡、本土民主前線的黃台仰及梁天琦,詆毀本黨是中共代理人,更慫恿港人不要去外國法院作證,力圖阻止香港人向國際表達結束一國兩制的懇切聲音。原本在香港本土主張港獨的黃台仰,如今國際高度關注香港之下,忽然覺今是而昨非,放棄獨立訴求,主張民主回歸,其共諜行徑彰彰在目。



(1) 廢除《中英聯合聲明》及《香港關係法》

(2) 宣布中华人民共和国非法佔領香港

(3) 執行三個條約(《南京條約》、《北京條約》及《展拓香港界址專條》)

(4) 英美駐軍香港

(5) 建立獨立英聯邦國家 

Open Letter to the European Union

posted 16 Jun 2019, 15:33 by Hong Kong Independence Party

Attn: Ms Carmen Cano
Ambassador / Head of Office

European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao
19/F, St.John's Building
33 Garden Road
Hong Kong

Dear Madam/Sir,
I am writing with concerns on the severe threat of life of everyone in Hong Kong. We are concerned about the exploitation of power displayed by the Hong Kong Police Force in an autocratic manner. In lieu of this, we are writing to request the European Union to act against police brutality in Hong Kong.

On 13th June, Hong Kong Police used various types of offensive weapons not only against protesters, but also against journalists, first-aid stations which were set on streets, but also an European padistrain who just passed by Admiralty. What is worse, two local university students were immediately arrested as suspects of rioting, in hospitals where they were seeking heal, just simply because gunshot wounds were found on them. From their brutal acts, we believe that the life of no one in Hong Kong, can be guaranteed to be safe, even he/ she did not participate in the protests against the Extradition Law to China.

We, the signatories, humbly request:
Cease of all armament trade and equipment trade. European weapons and firearms is a major constituent of gear owned by the Hong Kong Police Force, and have been deployed disproportionally against unarmed protesters. British tear gas, Austrian Glock 17 and 19 semi-automatic pistols, German SIG semi-automatic pistols and Heckler & Koch submachine guns and French water cannons are among the armament owned by the Hong Kong Police Force, who utilised them to suppress civilians. Supply of utility vehicles such as police cars should also be be stopped as they were used as roadblocks for repression, with many of them importing from Germany and Italy. Such measure can minimise potential physical harm inflicted on citizens of Hong Kong by decapitating their ability to restock. It is notable that the British tear gas license issued for the Hong Kong Police Force was only for training purposes and was due to expire on April. With the evidence of British tear gas being used on the protesting premises, it is a clear breach of contract and a proof of dealing in bad faith from the Hong Kong side.

Cease of providence of training towards the Hong Kong Police Force. Upon purchase of water cannon, the Hong Kong Police Force had received training from France and Belgium. Such knowledge gained had been utilised to crackdown unarmed protesters in a clear violation of human rights. Training and exchanges should be terminated immediately to prevent an increasing number of future injuries and fatalities. Actions and behaviours of the Hong Kong Police Force lacked basic constraint, a crucial factor for professionalism in law enforcement entity; who should be reprimanded.

Enact a financial, investment and trading ban on the Hong Kong Government, including officials and lawmakers supporting the use of violence and brutality on unarmed civilian. A crippled economy would reduce the finanical capability of the Hong Kong Police Force to purchase advanced lethal weapons, weakening the ability of the police to resort to using violence against dissidents. Officials and lawmakers who supported the Extradition Bill and the atrocities committed by the Hong Kong Police Force should be sanctioned through an investment and trading ban to prevent such capital being used to support continuous brutality by the police and public interest being sacrificed over financial incentives gained through a biased political stance. The erosion of the rule of law of Hong Kong can be secured and protected, which lowers the security risk of European citizens residing in the city in the form of safety and violation of human rights. An immigration prohibition can also be considered for the officials and lawmakers and their immediate family members, preventing them from entering European territory, either by themselves or through a family member, thus risking the security of the region as a proven supporter of violation of human rights.

Hong Kong is not only home to local residents, but also to hunders of thousands of European Union citizens. As mentioned above, the presses were shot by the police. Luckily there was a French journalist, yelled and warned the police that they were firing against the innocents. Should his voice has not drawn attention of the police, more harm could have been done to people who were filming the confrontation between police and the protestors- the very duty of journalists. It is seemed that people who work and live in Hong Kong, regardless of their nationalities, their personal safety is questioned.
Moreover, it is shockingly reported that since recent few years ago, anti-terrorism training courses were offered to Hong Kong Police Force in Xinjiang Province, China (also known as Tibet), a place where is well-known for native Uighur are suppressed and sent to concentration camps, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed as “re-education and vocational school” or “boarding school”. Such act is found to be very similar to what Nazi Germany did during the World War II- genocide and segregation of the Jews. Having training in such way and place, we found this is an extremely horrible news to us- since we Hong Kong people might have been regarded as an ethnic minority of China in the eyes of CCP. This would be a nightmare to us, as coercion acts are usually exercised against non Han-Chinese. The brutality of the Chinese Hong Kong government is not only a threat to Hong Kong residents, but also an undisguised challenge to the values that all EU countries cherish and share: such as human rights, freedom from fear and dignity as a human being.
Further on this, EU member states should in conjunction consider ceasing her established financial ties with Hong Kong Puppet Government, which are essentially the financial channels for the latter to make any arm-related procurement.
With regards to the above, we seriously request EU countries take concerted efforts to cease both sales of arms to, and financial ties with, Hong Kong Puppet Government with immediate effect. We look forward to your prompt action.
Yours faithfully,
Hong Kong Independence Party, United Kingdom


posted 11 Feb 2016, 04:43 by Hong Kong Independence Party