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2nd open letter to the UK GOV about the BN(O) visa

posted 22 Jul 2020, 12:29 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 22 Jul 2020, 12:30]

(1) Feasibility
When the current HK team started their work in 2019 to advocate the termination of the Joint Declaration and Hong Kong independence, we only had one thing in mind: save lives. Save Hong Kong children’s lives, save Xinjiang Uyghers’ lives, save everyone’s lives.

In 1989, the western countries encouraged Chinese protesters to give up and leave.
Those who left in time was saved, but even more was captured, tortured and killed by the Chinese government. After that day, there is no more Chinese people but only CCP people in the world.

When Uyghers and Kazakhs got persecuted in Xinjiang, you offer asylum and encouraged them to give up and leave. Those who left in time was saved, but over 1.5 million was tortured in concentration camps, and even more raped and killed by Chinese.

Today, when Hong Kong people want to be freed from China and cease all control from China, you encourage us to give up and leave. What will happen to those who could not leave in time? And who would be next down the path of genocide? Is leaving really the feasible solution?

Our proposal on the termination of the Joint Declaration is not unfeasible at all. If you look closer to our proposal and the case studies we presented, our proposal is the most rational and effective long term solution. It’s just an enormous step that requires global cooperation and strategic planning, which must be started ASAP.

(2) Flexibility
Staying flexible has always been one of our top priorities. But there should be no flexibility when it comes to dealing with spies.

If, a Russian spy infiltrated your parliament and influenced UK Government’s decision making, and a group of local Russians risk their lives to warn you. Would you tell this group to stay flexible and support the spies proposal? Someone has to do the job to warn you, and your job, is to investigate and expel the spies. (Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Stand with Hong Kong)

Warning of UK’s Security
Before the announcement of the 5+1 scheme, or even a new Hong Kong like Gibraltar, we’d like to warn you again of the risks of this policy to your sovereignty. The Chinese spies in Hong Kong have already dominated Hong Kong’s social media and news outlets, similar to the situation in China. They shape public narratives to fit their hidden agenda, while the public usually blindly follows. One of their narratives is that once Hong Kong people receive BC rights, HKers must exercise our vote and make the UK Parliament “help Hong Kong”. In fact, during last year’s election, they launched mass campaigns on Hong Kong discussion forums and ask BC holders to vote for specific political figures, purely because they support offering of BC rights to Hong Kong. After 6-10 years, 9 millions people (including 2.9 millions BNO + unlimited dependents are all eligible) trusting the “Hong Kong” media blindly would have been flooded to UK. How would UK’s political environment be affected?

Your next step
There are different solutions to a problem, but trusting spies would never be the right one. Just as we previously mentioned, please do consider us as advisors in the international level and even in your policies in helping Hong Kong."