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Blue Ribbons escorted by police after assaulting anti-China protesters

posted 4 Jul 2015, 11:55 by Hong Kong Independence Party
A protest against Chinese street-musicians broke out in Mongkok Sunday night
where pro-China showed up to counter the localist protesters and eventually
lead to a street scuffle.

"They're occupying the pedestrian zone to perform Mandarin songs and square dance. We consider it very disturbing and cultural encroach is not acceptable at all times," the localist says.

Having the pro-China people shown up, verbal violence and physical violence were found in no time. When one of the pro-China protesters was supposed to be arrested as he assaulted the localitsts brutally, several policemen started evacuating the protesters and escorted the assaulter away from the street.

"The police protected the people who were attacking us. They didn't protect us. We got hurt yesterday," says Simon Sin, one of the leaders of Hong Kong Localism Power. 

Police's improper judgement towards two different groups of protesters was shown patently in many protests. Many people have accused police of not being fair particularly when dealing with clashes between pro- and anti-China protesters. Police's image has now turned into a gang that protects the government and suppresses the anti-government and anti-China protesters, instead of a just organisation that judges everything fairly and nobody gets special treatment from.