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Death of a bastard (Maoist who killed British cops finally meets his maker)

posted 23 May 2015, 06:17 by Hong Kong Independence Party

Yeung Kwong, the ringleader of the 1967deadly riots died in Hong Kong on 15 May 2015, aged 89.  Defying all sense of respect and publicdecency, the pro-Beijing puppet government of Hong Kong decided to confer thecity's highest honour to the deceased, a move which has been met withwidespread outrage in Hong Kong.

In 1967, just as China was ravaged by theCultural Revolution, a group of Communist loyalists decided to do the dirtywork for Mao and waged their own war on the British Hong Kong Government.  During their seven-month reign of terror, theCommunist gang attacked Hongkongers indiscriminately.  Their ringleader was Yeung Kwong, aself-styled militant union leader, who masterminded a series of bomb and armedattacks.  One such bomb took the lives of15 people in one fell swoop, including children.  The violent tactics of the Maoist riotersfailed to gain the respect of the general Hong Kong public who rallied behindthe government as they sent in British troops to restore order.  Yeung Kwong and his gang justified theirmurderous ways by pledging loyalty to Mao and the Chinese Communist Party,disregarding the fact that the Hong Kong population was, and still is, made upof people rejecting Chinese communism and seeking to live in freedom in aBritish territory.

As Yeung Kwong goes to meet his maker, manyin Hong Kong would like to wish him everlasting misery in the bonfire ofhell.  And as we do so, spare a thoughtfor the British Hong Kong police who lost their lives in protecting us fromYeung's wickedness.  May the ultimateHong Kong traitor NEVER rest in peace.