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Hong Kong Independence Party becomes talking point at Legco

posted 15 Apr 2015, 16:27 by HKIP News   [ updated 15 Apr 2015, 17:04]

Chan Kam-lam, a pro-China lawmaker in the Legislative Council (Legco) of Hong Kong, warns Hongkongers against dabbling in the independence movement.  At yesterday’s Legco session, Chan, seen by many as a traitor of Hong Kong because of his pro-China stance, expressed alarm at the registration of HKIP as a political party in the UK, adding that triumph of the independence camp would spell disaster for "each and every one of the seven million Hongkongers".

In reality, since China's takeover of Hong Kong 18 years ago, a sizable group of pro-China politicians have been collaborating with their paymasters in Beijing to reduce Hong Kong to just another Chinese territory, to the great detriment of their fellow Hongkongers.