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Hong Kong Lady Convicted Of Assaulting Police With Her Breast

posted 30 Jul 2015, 02:46 by Hong Kong Independence Party

Ng Lai-ying, a 30-year-old lady, was convicted of assaulting a police officer with her breast during a protest on 1st March.

Judge Chan Pik-kiu said that a "deterrent penalty" have to be imposed in such behaviour of the defendant. On 30th July , judge announced Ng a verdict of guilty with a 3-month imprisonment.

Some pro-democracy citizens gathered in the court to support Ng and other defendants. They said that was an unjust judgement and it was a humiliation towards ladies , and the law of Hong Kong.

"I'd say that was a ridiculous judgement. A pro-government defendant was imposed a lenient sentence based on 'humanitarian reasons' while an anti-government defendant was imposed a deterrent sentence. And the thing is - these two cases were judged by the same judge" said on the forum.

HongKongers, after hearing the judgement , start to doubt - whether HongKong is still a country under the rule of law.