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No compromise on China’s fake democracy plan for Hong Kong

posted 22 Apr 2015, 06:47 by HKIP News   [ updated 22 Apr 2015, 07:23]
Earlier today, the Hong Kong Government formally unveiled the new voting system, brushing aside calls for a direct election of its leader from 2017.  Hongkonger’s demand for democracy, culminating in months of protests in the streets of Hong Kong last year, has all but fallen on deaf ears.  The “pre-selection by committee” system favoured by China is designed to ensure that only Beijing-friendly candidates are voted in.  In a nutshell, here is the warped democracy plan that China has offered to Hongkongers:

Clearly, China’s proposal is designed to legitimise its puppet government in Hong Kong through seemingly fair and open ballot box manoeuvres, while denying Hongkongers the high degree of autonomy promised to them in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.  It should now be clear to all that China has never had any intention to abide by its promise in the Joint Declaration and, as long as Hong Kong is under Chinese rule, its hopes for autonomy and true democracy will remain nothing but a pipe dream.

香港政府によると、民意は「候補者を事前に篩いにかける行政長官選挙法案」を支持しているらしい。なので反体制派議員は民意に従って賛成せよ、 と。民意に従うのが香港の政治であるなら、香港ではおそらく半永久的に(香港基本法第23条が立法せよ、と要求している)治安維持法っぽい法規は立法不 可。

  1. 功能組別のうち4大主要部門の1200名はそのまま
  2. 推薦数上位10名選出
  3. 10名の中から2-3名を指名
  4. 500万人が”1人1票”投票
  5. 過半数に満たなくとも最多得票者が選出される