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Open Letter to the European Union

posted 16 Jun 2019, 15:33 by Hong Kong Independence Party
Attn: Ms Carmen Cano
Ambassador / Head of Office

European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao
19/F, St.John's Building
33 Garden Road
Hong Kong

Dear Madam/Sir,
I am writing with concerns on the severe threat of life of everyone in Hong Kong. We are concerned about the exploitation of power displayed by the Hong Kong Police Force in an autocratic manner. In lieu of this, we are writing to request the European Union to act against police brutality in Hong Kong.

On 13th June, Hong Kong Police used various types of offensive weapons not only against protesters, but also against journalists, first-aid stations which were set on streets, but also an European padistrain who just passed by Admiralty. What is worse, two local university students were immediately arrested as suspects of rioting, in hospitals where they were seeking heal, just simply because gunshot wounds were found on them. From their brutal acts, we believe that the life of no one in Hong Kong, can be guaranteed to be safe, even he/ she did not participate in the protests against the Extradition Law to China.

We, the signatories, humbly request:
Cease of all armament trade and equipment trade. European weapons and firearms is a major constituent of gear owned by the Hong Kong Police Force, and have been deployed disproportionally against unarmed protesters. British tear gas, Austrian Glock 17 and 19 semi-automatic pistols, German SIG semi-automatic pistols and Heckler & Koch submachine guns and French water cannons are among the armament owned by the Hong Kong Police Force, who utilised them to suppress civilians. Supply of utility vehicles such as police cars should also be be stopped as they were used as roadblocks for repression, with many of them importing from Germany and Italy. Such measure can minimise potential physical harm inflicted on citizens of Hong Kong by decapitating their ability to restock. It is notable that the British tear gas license issued for the Hong Kong Police Force was only for training purposes and was due to expire on April. With the evidence of British tear gas being used on the protesting premises, it is a clear breach of contract and a proof of dealing in bad faith from the Hong Kong side.

Cease of providence of training towards the Hong Kong Police Force. Upon purchase of water cannon, the Hong Kong Police Force had received training from France and Belgium. Such knowledge gained had been utilised to crackdown unarmed protesters in a clear violation of human rights. Training and exchanges should be terminated immediately to prevent an increasing number of future injuries and fatalities. Actions and behaviours of the Hong Kong Police Force lacked basic constraint, a crucial factor for professionalism in law enforcement entity; who should be reprimanded.

Enact a financial, investment and trading ban on the Hong Kong Government, including officials and lawmakers supporting the use of violence and brutality on unarmed civilian. A crippled economy would reduce the finanical capability of the Hong Kong Police Force to purchase advanced lethal weapons, weakening the ability of the police to resort to using violence against dissidents. Officials and lawmakers who supported the Extradition Bill and the atrocities committed by the Hong Kong Police Force should be sanctioned through an investment and trading ban to prevent such capital being used to support continuous brutality by the police and public interest being sacrificed over financial incentives gained through a biased political stance. The erosion of the rule of law of Hong Kong can be secured and protected, which lowers the security risk of European citizens residing in the city in the form of safety and violation of human rights. An immigration prohibition can also be considered for the officials and lawmakers and their immediate family members, preventing them from entering European territory, either by themselves or through a family member, thus risking the security of the region as a proven supporter of violation of human rights.

Hong Kong is not only home to local residents, but also to hunders of thousands of European Union citizens. As mentioned above, the presses were shot by the police. Luckily there was a French journalist, yelled and warned the police that they were firing against the innocents. Should his voice has not drawn attention of the police, more harm could have been done to people who were filming the confrontation between police and the protestors- the very duty of journalists. It is seemed that people who work and live in Hong Kong, regardless of their nationalities, their personal safety is questioned.

Moreover, it is shockingly reported that since recent few years ago, anti-terrorism training courses were offered to Hong Kong Police Force in Xinjiang Province, China (also known as Tibet), a place where is well-known for native Uighur are suppressed and sent to concentration camps, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed as “re-education and vocational school” or “boarding school”. Such act is found to be very similar to what Nazi Germany did during the World War II- genocide and segregation of the Jews. Having training in such way and place, we found this is an extremely horrible news to us- since we Hong Kong people might have been regarded as an ethnic minority of China in the eyes of CCP. This would be a nightmare to us, as coercion acts are usually exercised against non Han-Chinese. The brutality of the Chinese Hong Kong government is not only a threat to Hong Kong residents, but also an undisguised challenge to the values that all EU countries cherish and share: such as human rights, freedom from fear and dignity as a human being.

Further on this, EU member states should in conjunction consider ceasing her established financial ties with Hong Kong Puppet Government, which are essentially the financial channels for the latter to make any arm-related procurement.

With regards to the above, we seriously request EU countries take concerted efforts to cease both sales of arms to, and financial ties with, Hong Kong Puppet Government with immediate effect. We look forward to your prompt action.

Yours faithfully,
Hong Kong Independence Party, United Kingdom