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Prevalence Of UBER grabs Taxi Driver's Anger

posted 10 Jul 2015, 13:01 by Hong Kong Independence Party
Hundreds of taxi drivers drove their cars at slow speed towards Central Government Offices to protest about the exploit of picking-up applications.

Lots of applications for chauffeured transportation service are in vogue now.Vast users said that the service provided by these applications is relatively economical and more consumer-friendly.These applications include UBER , GoGoVan and these grab the business from taxi drivers.According to the organiser of the slow-driving protest, using these cars to pick up passengers is illegal and this is not fair for the legitimate drivers.

A taxi driver of New Territories District , Mr Ip , said that his income has been 200 to 300 HKD less every day , and several thousands every month. The chairperson of Hong Kong Taxi & PLB Association added that these applications steal away approximately 20% of their business and the cars used by them have not been licensed , which means passengers will get no compensation if any accident occurs.

"There is no exact law particularly projected for these cars and the service provided by them is apparently better when compared with the taxi. They endeavour to protest about it but never think about improving their service. They refuse passengers, they pay no respect to passengers, and they overcharges passengers. These are what get them like this today." users retorted.

It is with no doubt taxi drivers' business is affected by these applications, but the fact is that they are gaining in popularity. People believe the reason is very simple — taxi drivers were never providing any satisfactory service.