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Primary Students' Textbook Found Misleading

posted 26 Jun 2015, 08:49 by Hong Kong Independence Party

A textbook published by Educational Publishing House (EPH) has triggered
off a wave of criticism due to its misleading information and ludicrous logic,
ranging from racism to an absurd norm of differentiating between Chinese and HongKonger.

"Those with black eyes, black hair and yellow skin are all Chinese", the book cited.
"Our colour , as I know , has nothing to do with our nationality" , the readers criticised.
"With somebody's colour, we can only recognise the races.Let's be logical , Japanese and Korean are with black eyes , black hair and yellow skin too, but are they Chinese?This standard sort of associates with NAZI ." , they added.

After the transfer of sovereignty, improper information is in swarm encroaching on the traditional culture of Hong Kong. Are you really familiar with what your child is learning nowadays? Hong Kong is where we were born and raised and we are all responsible to protect its value. Are you going to turn a blind eye to this approach , or make a stand against it?