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Statement from the Hong Kong Independence Party: Protest against the fake Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act from the US and denounce Beijing claiming that “The three treaties are null” Post

posted 25 Sept 2019, 07:28 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 25 Sept 2019, 07:34]

In this month, the House of Commons published Six-monthly report on Hong Kong 2019. On page 7 section 2.4of the report, it has clearly expressed that both the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China aresignatory countries of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. If the treaty is being breached, the Joint Declarationcan be suspended, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

The report also pointed out that this is already not the first time that China has violated the Joint Declaration,examples include the abduction of five book sellers of the Causeway Bay Book Store. It is unusual that the UKParliament pointed out this issue at such a critical moment: implicating that the Declaration can be suspendedin anytime.

During the negotiations, the former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher re-emphasised the validity of thethree treaties, asserting the need for countries to respect treaties on universal terms: "There are three treatiesin existence; we stick by our treaties unless we decide on something else. At the moment, we stick by ourtreaties.” Such iteration by Thatcher was to imply that if China does not uphold the three treaties, it will notuphold any other international laws, which could be a serious matter.

Since the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties is signed in 1969, it has no retrospective power on anytreaties before its establishment, therefore the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 is definitely not an “unequal and null”treaty under China’s consideration. Moreover, it is not officially abolished by the British Government, so thethree treaties are still valid international treaties and law. In other words, if the Joint Declaration is suspended,the PRC will automatically lose its sovereignty over Hong Kong and become a territory of UK again.

The Hong Kong Independence party now states that: we will try any means to request Her Majesty’s government tosuspend the Joint-Declaration officially and implement the three treaties and resume its sovereignty over Hong

Kong. According to the United Kingdom – United States of America Agreement, it is legal for the UK and theUSA can send armies to Hong Kong. If then China does not immediately retreat its Liaison Office, People’sLiberation Army Hong Kong garrison or dismiss its unlawful “Special Administrative Region Government”, It willbe considered as an illegitimate occupation of Hong Kong, therefore the UK and US forces have the legitimateright and obligation to expulse, arrest and defeat those Chinese forces within Hong Kong territory.

HKIP always believes the determination of upholding the world’s democracy and freedom of the United Statesand President Donald J. Trump is a trustworthy person to us. What is more, we would like to thank theconstant concern on Hong Kong’s issue that has been shown by Senator Marco Rubio. However, the fake HongKong Human Rights and Democracy Act was drafted only due to description on Hong Kong issues by theChinese Communist spy, Joshua Wong. The Act has ignored and does not reflect the true desire of protestors inHong Kong, who are completely against Chinese Rule and the policy “one country, two systems”. It will lead toan adverse effect on the progress of abolishing the Joint Declaration if the bill is being passed.

The United States, as an influential role in international affairs, the fake Hong Kong Human Rights andDemocracy Act has been upholding and supporting the Joint Declaration and the HKSAR Basic Law, confirmingthe legitimacy of PRC ruling over Hong Kong seriously undermines the determination of abolishing the JointDeclaration by the members of the UK Parliament and it will bring less hard evidence showing to theinternational courts, for them to suspend the practice of sovereignty over Hong Kong by China.

Joshua Wong has been maliciously misleading the US officials that Hong Kong people have no will to form anindependent state, attempting to cover up the illegitimacy of the Joint Declaration and defending China’s legalright of ruling over Hong Kong. Other Pan-democrats including the well-known netizen Kay Lam and theprofessor Simon Shen from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, even intended to threaten people who triedto let the UK and US intervene Hong Kong issues by means of international laws and spreading false knowledgeto the public. It has been 22 years since the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, most of the Hong Kongcitizens have understood that the so-called “democratic-reunification” is no more than a political trick andpledge that the Communist Party will never commit. However, making up numerous fake hopes of “democraticone country two systems”, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge about international politics and lawsamong the HK public and spreading fake knowledge, in order to minimize any possibilities that the JointDeclaration might be terminated, has shown that China has been reluctant of losing Hong Kong.

For many years, the Chinese Communist Party has been hiring spies to hijack Hong Kong protests so that HongKong issues are isolated from international societies and Joshua Wong is just one of them. Back to the dayswhen he was one of the leaders of Umbrella Movement in Admiralty, who kept slandering those who madepetitions at the British Consulate were “unpeaceful, irrational and colluding with foreign powers”. They evenclaimed that the Joint Declaration is just barely a statement and not legally binding Britain and China. Today,those people keep changing their standpoints and even make use the part of the statements of our partywritten 5 years ago. The reasons they do so are because the concerns all over the world has been risen, plusthe Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has strongly expressed her resistance against one country two systems, sothat those spies tried so hard to transfer to international focus from the effectiveness of the Joint Declaration toDemocratizing Hong Kong under the structure of One Country two systems. It is another vicious attempt of“democratic-reunification”, which intends to let Hong Kong citizens losing a chance of determining their destinyand future by themselves once again.

In history, many communist countries undermined democracy by implementing some policies under the name ofdemocracy. Examples include Boris Yeltsin from the Soviet Union, was regarded as the “pioneer of democracy”, butthen he fully revealed his original identity: harming his own people by promoting KGB Vladimir Putin to become thepresident of Russia and the threat of world peace. The pan-democrats, leading by Joshua Wong, is

indeed an agent of the CCP, defame and incurring harms to those protestors who can really make a difference.The only way to deal with them is to ignore them and walk in our own way.

In 2016, HKIP applied for legal aid and requested the Supreme Court to announce that the Joint Declaration is nulland void. “Those things that you guys are doing now should have been by many other Hong Kong people. Hong Kongnowadays is completely different from then. You have been late for many years,” those Conservative Party Membersof Parliament who assisted HKIP said. However, many “social activists”, including Ray Wong and Edward Leungslandered that our party is agents of CCP and discouraged other Hong Kong people not to hand in evidence andexpress their wish about bringing an end of Chinese rule in foreign courts. Ray Wong, who initially advocated HongKong independence in Hong Kong, after being granted for his refugee status in Germany, suddenly gave up hisadvocation. Such act has made him so obvious that he might be a spy who serves the CCP.

China, a country which is undemocratic and does not uphold rule of law, pursuing autonomy under its rule willdefinitely lead to a dead-end, since such country will simply guarantee nothing but tyranny to you. Now, HongKong has no time left for its subjects. All Hong Kong citizens should fight for this “end game”: give up anyfantasies of having democracy under Communist rule, gain the sovereignty of our own territory, announce thefailure of the Joint Declaration and the Basic Law, disapprove CCP’s rule over Hong Kong completely and refuseto support any bills that upholds and strengthens Joint Declaration and SAR Basic Law

Reiteration of Hong Kong Independence Party FIVE AGENDAS:

(1) Annulment of British-Sino Joint Declaration and Hong Kong Act

(2) Exercise Treaty of Nanking, Convention of Peking and The Second Convention of Peking NOW 

(3) Anglo-American military base in HK

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