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The Sino-British Joint Declaration - 35 Years of Nightmare

posted 19 Dec 2019, 13:49 by Hong Kong Independence Party
Open Letter to the UK and US Government,
2019 marks the most disruptive period of turmoil for Hong Kongers since the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to
China. Since the enforcement of the Sino-British Joint Declaration 22 years ago, the colonial regime of China has
shown no interest to fulfill any of its promise, and continuously breached the treaty by violating our basic human rights
and freedom. We urge the British Government, as the co-signatory of the Joint Declaration, to terminate the Joint
Declaration and engage in a political dialogue with Hong Kong civilians; and the US Government to terminate the Hong
Kong Policy Act.
Both Britain and the United States are the world’s leaders in democracy, freedom and civil rights. We believe Britain, as
the co-signatory of the Joint Declaration, has the power, rights and duty to be accountable to Hong Kongers for China’s
material breach of the treaty.
In 2016, Boris Johnson, now UK Prime Minister, as then Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,
announced that China had already seriously breached the Joint Declaration. By letting the Joint Declaration remain
enforced, Britain is letting Hong Kongers and British National (Overseas) be sacrificed of totalitarianism. Therefore, we
request the British Government, based on the Commons Briefing papers “Hong Kong: The Joint Declaration” and
“Hong Kong in 2019”, and by citing the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, terminate the Joint Declaration
immediately and forbid China from further fulfilling the treaty right away; and the US to terminate the Hong Kong
Policy Act which reaffirms the Joint Declaration.
US President Donald Trump in his remarks to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September
2019 mentioned, “If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.” On the other hand, during the handover in
1997, then UK Prime Minister, Sir John Major promised: “Hong Kong will never have to walk alone”. Today, on the 35th
anniversary of the Joint Declaration, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab acknowledges that “UK takes these
commitments seriously”. While we Hong Kongers long for democracy, we realise that the Joint Declaration is the root
cause that prevents us from having sovereignty over our homeland Hong Kong. We strongly believe that political
dialogue between the British Government with Hong Kong civilians, with the support from the United States, is the
only solution for the humanitarian crisis now in Hong Kong.
Lastly, on the basis that the three treaties, namely the Treaty of Nanking, the Convention of Peking, and the The
Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory, are still in force as
stressed by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, we request the British Government to turn back time to 1982,
engage Hong Kongers in the negotiation, and begin a new round of political dialogue regarding the future of Hong

Liberate our Hong Kong
Rejoin the Commonwealth