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Update from HKIP

posted 16 Nov 2019, 09:18 by Hong Kong Independence Party   [ updated 16 Nov 2019, 12:20]
Dear friends, media, the US/UK Congress/Parliament and everyone would love to pay attention the current tragedy in Hong Kong,

As everyone knows, there’s an ongoing massacre in Hong Kong since June.

Especially, what happened on 11th, 12th of June have been coined by foreign media as tiananmen massacre 2.0.

Hong Kong people are suffering from police brutality,
An unlawful infiltration from the PRC army in our police force, and the excessive use of China imported tear gas which chemical components do not meet the international standard.

According to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in September 2019, under the summary report of “Hong Kong in 2019”, the involuntary removal of mr lee to China, was the first serious , tedious sign of the China has been breaching the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Needless to say , the ongoing situation in Hong Kong, is a strong evidence that China has no intention of putting the money where the mouth is.

As a city which has been cultivated / educated /established by the British Government. It’s not our natural to follow China-lized democracy and what its so called “human right”. During the negotiation of the Sino British Joint Declaration in 1984.

Margaret Thatcher and Deng Xiao Ping didn’t let Hong Kongese to have a say on the table. Letting two people to determine the fate of the Hong Kong, is an unfair play to the people.

We had numbers of petitions which had passed the required numbers of signature on the parliament website , however the answer which we were given was “this would be a decision for the people of Hong Kong”.

To speak frankly, we are living under a civil system which has been broken by the PRC, Pro Beijing politicians and huge amount of China money. There are multiple times that the Minster of Foreign Affairs of China has stated that the Sino British Joint Declaration, is an expired historical document which has no any practical means and got no legal binding at all. The Lord Christopher Francis Patten has already emphasised that this is the indication that the China is willing to abolish the Joint Declaration at all means. Moreover, without having HK people on the negotiation table during the Joint Declaration was a violation of colonial law validity act 1865 and United Nation General assembly resolution 1514.
With the ongoing incident in Hong Kong , it is clearly that it’s an unlawful repudiation from China.

The following five agendas are the reasons why we are here camping outside the British Embassy:

(1) UK has the mandate from the people of Hong Kong to annul the Sino British Joint Declaration for taking on the PRC’s illegal occupation of Hong Kong.

(2) UK and United state government are requested by the people of Hong Kong for taking on PRC’s illegal and unlawful occupation of Hong Kong.

(3) We require the United Kingdom to before those three unterminated treaties over Hong Kong sovereignty

(4) We demand Anglo-American or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Joint Military base in Hong Kong on a permanent basis , the expense of which will be covered on Hong Kong behalf

(5) Hong Kong should and going to be an independent commonwealth nation.

We, Hong Kong people, are now facing a challenge that the global have never seen before. A tedious country has infiltrated countless of countries around the global , many countries have lost its sovereignty through China debt game and sucking up stocks of major conglomerate in different countries. It’s time for the world to show that China has to play by rule , and be ethical via its foreign affairs and to its people. It’s Time to DO IT RIGHT.